ImageCLEF GANs: Controlling the Quality of Synthetic Medical Images created via GANs Dataset

The data sets were validated during the 2023 ImageCLEF GANs tasks and 2024 ImageCLEF GANs tasks.

To download the data, please follow this link.

Using the dataset:

If you plan to make use of the ImageCLEF GANs dataset, or refer to its results, please acknowledge the work of the authors by citing the following papers:

  1. Andrei, A. G., Radzhabov, A., Coman, I., Kovalev, V., Ionescu, B., & Müller, H. (2023). Overview of ImageCLEFmedical GANs 2023 Task: identifying training data “fingerprints” in synthetic biomedical images generated by GANs for medical image security. In Working Notes of the Conference and Labs of the Evaluation Forum (CLEF 2023) (Vol. 3497, No. 106).

This work was supported under project AI4Media, A European Excellence Centre for Media, Society and Democracy, H2020 ICT-48-2020, grant #951911.